WHo We ARe...

A warmth of sound. 
     A focus on song craft.
          The crucial element of space/atmosphere. 
Strength in melody, harmony, 
    and bold musicianship.  
A new self-titled, debut album now available...

Lemon Sparks are...

Jeff Carroll: guitar, vocals

Greg Tourian: drums, vocals

Rick Lassiter: bass, vocals

What do an almost-vegan, a gold record winner, and a brainiac drummer have in common? They are the founding members of the retro-pop trio Lemon Sparks, whose self-titled album debuted in the closing moments of 2015. Featuring a dozen songs, including eleven written or co-written by lead vocalist and guitarist Jeff Carroll (Notes from a Strange Mailbag, Big Kids, Desmonds), Lemon Sparks sounds a little like the love child of Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, combining fresh, toe-tapping melodies and edgy instrumentation with catchy love letters and introspective ruminations. The band is rounded out by percussive maestro Greg Tourian (The Fidgets, Elizabeth Lorrey, Paul Jeffrey, Chris Bergson) and award-winning bassist Rick Lassiter (Ida, Joyce Bowden, Lisa Loeb).

The bold instrumentation on the album's opening track, “You Know This,” foreshadows the unexpected sonic sparkle of the entire album, setting off with a backward (literally) organ riff that somehow perfectly complements the song’s message that hindsight is 20/20. Many of the band’s adventurous arrangements are inspired by front man Jeff Carroll, an internationally renowned mastering engineer since 1990, in addition to being a performer. Carroll’s high-flying melodies are expertly grounded by the beat-perfect percussive talents of Greg Tourian, who started as a violinist (at age three) but switched to drums, perhaps not coincidentally, around the onset of puberty. His polyrhythmic style, heavily influenced by Roy Haynes and Art Blakey, gives the percussion a feel of bebop-meets-new wave. This is perhaps most evident on “Carl Wilson’s War,” where Tourian swings the band hard with his rhythmic shuffle. The trio’s groove is laid down by longtime bassist Rick Lassiter, who earned a gold record for his work on the Squirrel Nut Zippers’ album Perennial Favorites. A sensitive singer/songwriter and arranger with his own discography, Lassiter joined Lemon Sparks after completion of the album, but he now tours as the third official member of the band.

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