WHo We ARe...

From Raleigh, North Carolina come Lemon Sparks, a modern rock band blending classic songwriting with sophisticated 60s psychedelia, 70s power pop, timeless folk, and jazz. The band has played regional clubs and festivals, as well as toured as support for larger international acts.

Initially intended as a DIY recording project, the self-titled debut quickly morphed into a duo record with a variety of guest spots scattered throughout. The addition of a third member allowed the band to move forward with live performances and the album’s release. The trio is currently working on their next album with an anticipated release of early 2019.

Lemon Sparks is lead vocalist/ guitarist Jeff Carroll (Notes From a Strange Mailbag, Big Kids, Desmonds), drummer/ vocalist Greg Tourian (The Fidgets, Pneumatic Underground, Elizabeth Lorrey, Paul Jeffrey, Chris Bergson) and bassist/ vocalist Rick Lassiter (Ida, Joyce Bowden, Lisa Loeb).

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